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Premises Liability

Construction is a complicated, lengthy, and often dangerous process. It takes months and sometimes years to ensure that a building is safe to inhabit and then many years of upkeep to ensure that it stays that way. As this is such a complicated process there are often many issues that property owners can encounter when ensuring and maintaining the safety of their building. According to the website of Louisville personal injury lawyers at the Sampson Law Firm, some of these more common issues include: “elevator / escalator injuries, porch collapse, stair collapse, fires, toxic molds, lead paint exposure, mercury poisoning, pesticide exposure, swimming pool injuries.”

Issues with stairs, elevators/ escalators, and other elevated surfaces such as porches often point to an error in construction. If a victim is injured in one of these areas, it is often because of a fault of the structure’s design or a more recently developed flaw in the buildings structure due to unforeseen circumstance or simple wear and tear. These become more likely as a building becomes older and more frequently used.

The development of toxic molds, lead paint exposure, and less common occurrences such as mercury poisoning and pesticide exposure rarely occur shortly after a building is constructed. These problems often develop overtime as the building experience changes and its environment is altered. It is important that constant vigilance is practiced by property owners to ensure that these issues do not develop over time.

Injuries resulting from these dangerous circumstances can be severe and in the worst cases, life altering. Unfortunately, many times that an injury or death results from one of these issues on a premises, it was entirely preventable. In some cases, these injuries or health complications were the result of the carelessness or negligence of a property owner. If this is the case, certain damages may be owed to the victim involved.