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Best rides in South Carolina

As anyone who has visited this state can tell you, South Carolina is beautiful. Any season of the year, it is a gorgeous state to be in. And the best way to experience the beauty of this place is to take your bike out and ride the roads.

If you live here, feel free to explore every road you can, but if you need some recommendations for great routes, try a few of these out.

  1. Charleston to Wilmington

The ultimate ride along the coast, take in some beautiful sites and get a little ocean breeze in your hair. You can’t beat a ride like this, and at over 200 miles, you’ll have more than enough to get your fill of the place.

  1. Lake Marion

A great place to take in a little wildlife and introduce it to your hog. You can ride out for a bit of fishing or else just see what’s flying above (eagles, hawks, egrets), walking beside (deer, fox, wild turkeys), or swimming below (bass, perch, and catfish). No matter how to decide to take it in, it’s all beautiful.

  1. Lake Murray

There’s less natural beauty here because it’s all man-made, but this ride is still incredible, with plenty to see and lots of roads to tear up. It’s a short one at only 57 miles, so you have plenty of time to stop, enjoy the place, and make another circle.

  1. Up to Gatlinburg

160 miles of some of the prettiest road in the country. Be sure to take this route in the autumn so you can see all the trees as they change color. You’ll take in some of the hills as well.

These are just a sample of all the great routes available in this great state of ours. By all means, do any of these, do part of one, or make your own way, just get out in the open and ride.

As always, be sure to be careful while you ride. Wear your helmet, be safe, and remember that there are plenty of people out there who are not paying attention. There’s a reason we have motorcycle attorneys around here. They make good business from squashed riders on the side of the road.

That warning being said, just get out there and enjoy the freedom that South Carolina represents. We don’t often get the publicity of some other states for our natural beauty, but in my opinion, we can compete with any place in the whole nation when it comes to that topic. We could take on Arizona, Alaska, Colorado, and California, and easily come out the best option.

Don’t believe me? Let’s talk after you try these routes. I bet a few of these rides will be enough to convert you to my way of thinking.