Zofran: Temporary Relief, Lifelong Grief

There is hardly any other task on this Earth that is as physically demanding as that of which a woman must suffer, must endure in order to create a child within her. Some ancient cultures of the world have even deemed it as a disease as for nine months, a woman must produce and provide for two lives as a little human sucks the health from her in order to be fully created and developed – and live healthily she must, for both their sakes. And ever more taxing is this process when the mother in question must continue to work on, as if this were not work enough as it is.

Fortunately, modern medical innovations have paved the way for medication that allows for this process to be a little easier to endure for the mothers for symptoms such as nausea. Unfortunately, some manufacturers of these would-be hero drugs are not quite as careful in the formulation as they ought to be, causing further strain and stress for the mother and her child. Why? Defective drugs taken by the mother could provide lifelong medical complications for the child while still in the womb. These are called birth defects.

For example, pregnant women are often susceptible to a form of nausea more commonly known as morning sickness. Endless or excessive retching is not just uncomfortable but also possibly dangerous, due to the fact that it could mean that is more output of essential minerals instead of input. Zofran is often a drug used by cancer patients in order to relieve them of intense nausea and this drug is also often prescribed to pregnant women with severe morning sickness.

There has been some evidence however, according to the website of Williams Kherkher, that links the consumption of Zofran by pregnant women with possibly life threatening birth defects in their children. If this kind of situation has happened to you and it can be proven that your child’s birth defect was a consequence of taking Zofran, the manufacturers of the drug can be held legally and financially responsible for the ordeal.

Contact a professional and reliable legal team in order to know the next best option to take from there.


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